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This is the private journal of Frey, a nineteen-year-old college Photography major. She is eccentric, slightly devious, imaginative and overall one of the most open people you'll meet. I enjoy drawing, roleplaying, yuri, fantasy, mythology, and the occult, and much more.



Links to things will be here soon. :D

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Credit for this beautiful journal layout goes to the lovely and talented Kelli. Featured on this layout is Rider, my favorite character from Fate-Stay Night and she is property of Type-Moon.

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[ Friends Only ]

Yes, this journal is Friends Only! Please, don't hesitate to comment to be added below, or to ask me any questions and address any concerns you have to me.

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As Per The Usual.

Friends-cut. If I cut you, deal. We never talk/comment/anything, and I'm pruning to keep it down to people I trust and friends I care about.

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Oh noes dramatic public rant post!

Hello all you out there in Lj-land! :3 I'm addressing a few specific people in this post, which will stay up as long as it has to for every single person it's directed to to read it.

This is to all of the people that think it's funny to post D:ramaticcccc lame shit on other people's journals.  Even in memes, haha, because you know what?  That makes your posts look so much better, yeah?  Because you do it anonymously, but would you ever say it to their face?  Of course not, you cowardly bitches, you'd never bring up the balls to log-in to your sweet little journals and oh, say, post something on a post like this, now would you?

Cause that might just, oh!  Reveal you!  Make you look like the selfish whores that you really are!  Oops now, that would be bad, badbadbad, and your plan would then backfire.  Blow up in your face, because then you'd show your face, and get retaliated to, and oof... that might drop your egos a couple points.  Ouch, how painful.

So just know, all those awesome people out there, that you can post all you want on my journal, anonymously or not, you can think I deserve it for putting up anonymous memes and stuff, and think that I deserve it for all of the omgbadshit I did in my life, but hey, you know what?  I'm not gonna go cry in a corner or anything over it, y'know.  Is that what you wanted?  Boohoo tears?  Yeah, well suck my girl-cock, you'll never get that out of me.

Have fun in LJ-land, kids, and I'll have fun with the satisfaction of knowing there's a pretty sad, sad group of people out there that have nothing else better to do but find lyrics and take time out to post them to get some lulz thinking they're backing someone up.  When it just makes you look like the five-year-olds you all really are.


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Friends Cut I

Doing a small friends-cut. If you don't see any entries past this one, you've been cut. Probably because we never talk, and plus I'm doing spring cleaning. :x If you want back in, feel free to post here. Thanks.

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Frey [userpic]
Small Friends Cut

I am doing a small friends cut right now for a major reason pertaining to something that recently happened between me and a friend of mine. I feel that it is being taken out of hand, so a few people will be cut. Some will also be cut because I hardly talk to them, and I feel this is best for the both of us.

I know I invited some people to this new journal, but I feel like some have grown too far apart, and it is time for my first friends-cut here.

Please don't be offended, please don't get in a hissy-fit, because I don't have anything against you, I just need to do this. It's my journal, my secrets, and I would like it to stay featured to only those I trust.

You will know if you were cut if you cannot view any of my other entries aside from this one and my Friends-Only page. Most of you are safe, so don't worry. :D

Thank you.

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